About AccessHome

 Founded in 1997, AccessHome provides housing related services along with other activities for underserved populations. We partner with various agencies to assist in meeting housing needs. We strive to provide affordable and desirable housing. 

The BYLAWS were RESTATED on August 20, 2020, to expand our service area to include the State of California instead of being limited to the original Northern Counties. And our RESTATED ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION were accepted by the Board of Directors on September 17, 2020.

Further, our Board of Directors and the Executive Director identified that AccessHome has a unique ability to offer housing and housing-related services to our community on a much larger scale.

The NorthState has experienced many homes lost due to the wildfires, and many families have been dislocated and putting their lives back together. Further other natural disasters and the pandemic have unfortunately added to the already shortage of housing. AccessHome is a proud community partner in rebuilding permanent housing for our community.

Our expansion to provide housing for the underserved includes but is not limited to Veterans; senior citizens, people with disabilities, and the workforce population, and we have partnerships with various community agencies to ensure the success of inclusion in the community.

Our vision expands beyond Where Everyone in the North State has a Place to Call Home but has reasonable access to acquire desirable housing and long-term sustainability.