Val Jones

Valerie Jones

Val founded Resources for Rural Community Development in 1997. She was the Director of Community Services for Far Northern Regional Center and identified the need for housing for eligible clients for the Community Placement Plan to ensure inclusion into our community. She wrote the first grant, and AccessHome’s formation was developed.

She has been instrumental in the success of our communal living homes, independent living, and supportive living models. Her dedication and interest included visiting the clients in their existing environments working with their care team for a permanent housing model that would sustain successful occupancy for each client. Val has also been committed to the success of AccessHome and provided project management with a General Contractor for the development of our triplex, with special accommodations exceeding ADA (American Disability Act) Compliance. The model has been referenced by the State of California Department of Developmental Services and Far Northern Regional Center to share parts of the trade that makes this development so unique to other stakeholders.