'A future in which everyone in the North State has a place to call home...'

Our Bylaws

The BYLAWS were RESTATED on August 20, 2020, to expand our service area to include the State of California instead of being limited to the seven (7) original Northern Counties. Our RESTATED ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION were accepted by the Board of Directors on September 17, 2020 setting forth our commitment to our community to serve a larger population for housing and housing related services.

Our expansion to provide housing for the underserved includes, but is not limited to; Veterans, Senior citizens, and Persons with Disabilities.

Vision Statement

Resources for Rural Community Development, Inc. sees a future in which everyone in the North State has a place to call home.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide affordable housing opportunities and housing-related services along with other activities for people with developmental disabilities and for underserved populations that will favorably impact the health and welfare for individuals and families on their journey to inclusion in the community.

Guiding Principles Statement

We foster relationships with community stakeholders that share the common interest in providing affordable housing.

We ensure the continued solvency, safety, and sustain the integrity of our homes. We ensure fair and timely responses to residents and care providers.

We demonstrate high standards of honesty, transparency, and fair business practices.

We strive to be a voice for people with developmental disabilities and/or low-income population who reside in our homes with regards to needs or special accommodations.

We pursue activities and implement programs that promote overall well-being, improve the quality of life, and increase services.